Welcome to NH Children in Nature Coalition!

If you believe New Hampshire kids and families should spend more time outdoors, want to learn more about the benefits of time spent in nature, or are looking for ideas to get your own family outside, you’ve come to the right place. See What to do + Where to go for some great outdoors ideas—or check out our NH Partner Events and Programs to get started today!
The NH Children in Nature Coalition was formed in response to recent research that shows kids are spending less time outside than ever before and that this “nature deficit” is having significant negative impacts on physical and mental development. The coalition strives to get children and families back outdoors to explore the natural world by providing information, ideas and support.  Our ultimate goal is that New Hampshire families will:

  • Understand and appreciate the many benefits of spending time outdoors.
  • Be inspired to get out and play and enjoy the natural world, in an unstructured way, with their children.
  • Make use of local resources, such as open spaces and the organizations that can enhance the outdoor experience.


Join the Movement

NH Children in Nature wants get as many kids and families outdoors as often as possible, and the benefits can be huge. You can help generate positive change right here in New Hampshire… and beyond. Start with your own family then encourage your friends, neighbors, schools and communities to get involved. Spread the word and join the movement.

Opening Doors to Happier, Healthier Lives:  Report from the NH Children in Nature Coalition.

Do It Yourself…

The Children & Nature Network offers Nature Clubs for Families Kit – with tips, inspiration and resources for starting a club in your neighborhood.

Doctors:  Write a prescription for Nature for your patients!


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