About Our Coalition

Our mission

The New Hampshire Children in Nature Coalition is dedicated to fostering experiences in nature that improve physical and emotional health and well-being, increase understanding of and care for the natural world, and promote stronger connections to community and landscape; and providing a forum for continued collaboration by Coalition participants and others.

Our goals

Many New Hampshire organizations, individuals, and agencies are already working on issues related to children in nature; one important goal of the coalition is to connect them with each other and help them bring their work into communities where children and families will directly benefit. We have a large and active coalition representing several areas of interest in New Hampshire, including education, health, natural resources, the built environment, and recreation. The coalition is politically neutral, and its ideals can be embraced by anyone who’d like to see positive changes in our society. Coalition partners have committed time and resources to the effort, and have expressed a desire to work together, build the network, and make use of any tools and opportunities the Coalition can offer.

Our ultimate goal is that New Hampshire families will:

  • Understand and appreciate the many benefits of spending time outdoors.
  • Are inspired to get out and play and enjoy the natural world, in an unstructured way, with their children.
  • Make use of local resources, such as open spaces and the organizations that can enhance the outdoor experience.

Who should join?

Anyone who cares about getting kids and families outdoors! Individuals, organizations, and businesses are all welcome to take part and get involved.

Why join?

  • The NH Children in Nature Coalition can connect you with a bigger sense of mission and bring greater meaning to your work.
  • There are many existing resources that you can tap to learn about the issue of children in nature and to help you develop knowledge and skills that you can share with others.
  • You can be a change agent, helping to bring about a new cultural movement that values engagement in nature.
  • We’ll keep you informed about the movement to get children and families outdoors via e-newsletters, event listings, etc. (you may opt out at any time).

Join us today!

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