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How to get involved in the movement to get kids outside

The most important thing you can do is to get yourself and your children outdoors as often as possible! Here are some other ways to be involved with this growing movement.

  • Share information about the importance of getting outdoors with other families. Tell them about the New Hampshire Children in Nature Coalition.
  • Sign up to partner with the coalition,  connect with coalition partners and get notices about the growing children and nature movement. Click here to join the mailing list.
  • Find us and “like” us on Facebook! We’ll keep you up-to-date with New Hampshire’s outdoor happenings, activities and events.
  • Support the Coalition’s efforts by making a donation. You’ll be helping us to generate change in New Hampshire—for healthier children, families and communities. Contact
  • Help us spread the word—add a link to to your website.
  • Work with your school to create a children’s garden…make sure that kids are getting outdoor recess…help incorporate more outdoor time and activities into the school day.
  • Work with local authorities to create safe outdoor activity areas for children and families (parks, playgrounds, trails, bike paths, community gardens, etc.).
  • Participate in Get Outdoors Month (June) activities in NH such as the Great Campout or National Trails Day
  • Attend a NHCinN Leadership Meeting once a month.  Contact us for next date and time!
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