Many NH communities have their own parks, trails and nature reserves.  Be sure to check your town’s web site for information. (Click here for an alphabetical index of NH towns, and follow the links to find your own city or town’s home page.)

Hiking Resources

Kids Stories:
To the Woods – Hiking with my Kids

How to guides:
How to Hike with babies, toddlers, kids, and more!
Introduction to hiking for kids
Love the Outdoors Tips to introduce hiking to kids

Trail Resources:
American Trails – NH
Appalachian Mountain Club – NH
Beaver Brook Trails – Hollis, Brookline  & Milford NH
NH Audubon
Harris Center – Hancock, NH
Hike it Baby
Upper Valley Trails Alliance

Trail Activities

Geocaching/Scavenger Hunts:
Geocaching – World’s Largest Scavenger Hunt
How to get kids started with

Nature Scavenger Hunt
Love the Outdoors – Scavenger Hunt

Letterboxing is an intriguing pastime combining artistic ability with delightful treasure-hunts in beautiful, scenic places, and these two sites are your passport to this cool outdoor activity:

Letterboxing North America

Atlas Letterboxing Clues

Nature Journaling:
How To Nature Journaling
Sierra Club – Nature Journaling
John Muir – Opening the World Through Nature Journaling: CNPS Curriculum

Kids and Bike Safety – from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
REI – How to teach a child how to ride a bike
Bike/pedestrian maps from NH Dept. of Transportation
Rails to Trails Conservancy – Bike Trails NH
NH Outdoors – Biking
Upper Valley Mountain Biking Association

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